Adult Classes


On-Going Intensives and Apprenticeships

8 Month Wildlife Tracking Intensive

8 Month Survival Skills Intensive

8 Month Plant Intensive

Classes (Alpha Order)

Acorn Harvesting & Preparation

Advanced Wilderness Survival

Arrow Making

Art of Mentoring 

Bird Language

Bird Language: Aerial Predators

Bird Language: Nest Robbers

Bird Language: Ground Predators

Bird Language: Human Caused Alarms

Bow and Spear Fishing Overnight

Bow Building

Brain Tanning Buckskins

Butchering and Animal Processing 

Camouflage and Concealment

Coiled Yucca Baskets

Earth Survival Skills

Edible Plants (Fall and Spring Classes)

Escape and Evasion

Flint Knapping and Primitive Stone Tools

Friction Fire

Introduction of Bird Observation

Introduction to Coyote Mentoring

Introduction to Native Awareness

Introduction to Wildlife Tracking

Knife Making

Knot Tying 101

Map Reading and Natural Navigation

Medicinal Plants (Fall and Spring Classes)

Natural Pottery 

Natural Soap Making

Naturalist Colorado River Float

Pine Needle Baskets

Plant Medicine - Salves, Teas & Tinctures

Primitive Cooking

Shelter Overnight Course

Survival Bows

Useful Local Plants 

Vision Quest

Way of the Protector

Wilderness Bushcraft

Wilderness Survival 101

Wildlife Track and Sign Certification

Wildlife Tracking

Wildlife Trapping


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