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About the Trainers


Preston Taylor:

Preston strives to immerse in and interact with our wild world though a variety of outlets including digging clams, picking mussels, collecting edible mushrooms, fishing, hunting, surfing, backpacking, and sitting around a campfire. He is a crafter of wooden longbows, a passionate traditional bowhunter, and participates in a variety of earth-based natural skills. He earned his Senior Tracker Certificate in 2015 through CyberTracker International, and has a B.S. in Wildlife Management and Conservation from Humboldt State University. He is the author of Tracking the American Black Bear. Preston currently works as an Ungulate Specialist Biologist with the Yurok Tribe.


Matt Nelson:

From the Arctic to the Antarctic, this simple traveler has left footprints in search of authenticity in his life. Slow to learn and insistent on the hardest of life’s lessons, he’s a generalist in the true sense of the word. Easily bored, Matt has worked more jobs than can be listed here, searching for himself amid all the glittery promises of the materialistic culture he grew up in.

A lifetime hunter and woodsman, Matt strives to share his deep observations and his love for all things wild and true freely amongst his human interactions and in his teaching.

Matt holds a Senior Tracker certificate from CyberTracker Conservation, is a track and sign evaluator with the same organization, and has worked on numerous wildlife and research projects, including the Gualala River Watershed council, the Garfield/Mesa Lion project, and the East Bay Puma Project. He currently resides in northern Wisconsin.


Wildlife Trailing is one of humankind's most ancient and cherished skill sets. The ability to spot a fresh animal trail and follow it until locating the unsuspecting creature is an incredible and rare skill. To an untrained witness, these trailing skills might seem magical or even super- human, but the truth is that they are a skill like any other that can be mastered with practice and the right teacher.


Our human ancestors honed these skills for hundreds of thousands of years to become some of the most capable and adaptable creatures the earth had ever seen. Since well before recorded human history, trailing skills have been passed on from generation to generation and are still alive and well in North America. 


Earth Native is excited to be hosting two of the best Wildlife Tracker/Trailers in North America for this rich weekend class passing on the ancient art of wildlife trailing.


Participants will learn:

  • How to know you've found a good fresh trail to follow

  • Accurate track aging based on environmental conditions and soil type

  • To follow tracks and disturbance patterns effectively while on an animal's trail

  • Determining animal sex and maturity by track and sign

  • Expert tips for getting back on trail when you lose it

  • Animal behavior knowledge for the prediction of movement through various vegetation and terrain

  • How birds interact with and alert each other and other animals to human and animal presence

  • To follow a trail steadily and quietly

  • And so much more!

Class size limited to 5 students per trainer for a total of 10 participants

Dates: TBA

Time: 8:00am-5:00pm each day

Cost: $300

Location: Earth Native Campus, 137 Woodview Lane, Bastrop, TX and surrounding areas

Ages: This is an adult class but open to ages 16+

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