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Founded in 2011 in Austin, TX, Earth Native Wilderness School tirelessly works to help our students build lifelong connections to the outdoors. We do this through offering unique, fun, and informative courses that not only enliven but also lead our students down an incredible path of discovery and greater self-reliance.

So much of our lives these days are co-opted by electronics, cramped indoor spaces, and stress. But there is a whole other world waiting for us outside, one full of mystery, wonder, healing, and connection. So many studies have revealed how much people need nature and that regular time spent outdoors leads us to healthier, happier, less stressful, and more fulfilled lives.

At Earth Native we understand that while wonderful, nature can also be daunting and intimidating at times. We therefore strive to be a bridge helping people and communities not only learn new life-enhancing skills that lead to greater confidence and fun in the outdoors, but also to provide a space for people who are interested in learning more about the wonder of nature to come and develop their skill and connection in a community setting.

Earth Native School offers courses for kids and adults in Bastrop and Austin on all kinds of exciting topics that include:


  • Wilderness Survival Skills and Bushcraft Skills

  • Wildlife Tracking and Animal Behavior Studies

  • Ethnobotany – The study of Edible, Medicinal, and Useful Plants

  • Hand crafting wooden Bow and Arrows the old way

  • Ancestral skills like Flint Knapping (creating stone tools), Basket Making, and Natural Clay Pottery

  • Navigation

  • Awareness

  • Natural Building 

  • Sustainable Living

  • And much more!

We have classes and courses that range from one day to 8 months and everything in-between.

For more information on our upcoming course schedule please visit our home page

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