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Dates: April 27-28, 2024 - FULL

Time: 9:00am-5:00pm

Cost: $245

Location: Earth Native Campus, 137 Woodview Lane, Bastrop, TX

Ages: This is an adult class but open to ages 14+. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult participant with a 1:1 ratio. An enrollment and payment must be received for each person attending class, regardless of age.

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Emergency Care in Remote Locations

Good first aid skills are some of the most important skills you can possess. There is no doubt that you will find yourself in need of first aid skills to help yourself and or others many times throughout your life. No one heads out on a hike or camping trip expecting to get injured. The suddenness and unpredictability of wilderness emergencies means that we have to anticipate what could happen and prepare for that outcome. What will you do when you or someone you care about is injured in the backcountry? Will you be prepared with the essential knowledge and skills necessary to help?


Some of the best places to explore are “off the beaten path”. Unfortunately this also means that we’re farther from medical care if we, or someone we know, is injured. This two-day class will teach you best practices when addressing minor and major injuries and illnesses until higher medical care is available. Not only will having these skills make you and your family’s experiences safer, but you’ll be in a better position to help yourself and others when the need inevitably arises. 

Wilderness First Aid: Care in Remote Locations is a course designed to help you respond and make essential decisions to injuries or sudden illness, when professional medical care is an hour or more away. 

Skills covered in this class will include:

  • Patient assessment skills to help you understand and diagnose injuries and illness

  • Stabilizing and managing fractures and sprains

  • How to control bleeding

  • Managing shock

  • How to handle and prevent hot and cold weather injuries

  • Diagnosis of common illnesses

  • Evacuation protocols

  • How to properly cleanse and bandage wounds

  • How to handle snake bites, poison ivy, ticks, sunburn, and so much more!

Participants who successfully complete the 2-day (16 hour) course will receive a Wilderness First Aid Certificate accredited by the Emergency Care and Safety Institute that is valid for 2 years. 

Purchase an Earth Native Klean Kanteen Bottle

Available to buy during registration - pick up at class!

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Klean Kanteen

27 oz, Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Sports Top $25

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Klean Kanteen

16 oz, TKWide Insulated Hot/Cold Beverage Bottle with Leak-Proof Cafe Cap $25


Klean Kanteen

32 oz, Insulated Wide Mouth Water Bottle with Chug Cap $45



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