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Please note that this class does not take place at our Bastrop Campus

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Scald and Scrape 

Join Earth Native for a hands-on hog butchering experience and learn how to utilize the whole animal with very little waste. We’ll start the first class day by harvesting the hog and it’s organs and learning to scald and scrape the animal to leave the skin attached for butchering. The class will end the day by splitting the carcass in half for chilling overnight and sharing a meal that will include some homemade smoked pork.

The second day of class will focus instruction on how to break down the animal into different cuts and ways to utilize the entire animal including organs, lard, skin, head, and feet. The class will also learn to make and stuff pork sausage. Each participant will leave with some homemade pork sausage!


Topics covered in this class will include:

  • How to properly harvest a hog for butchering

  • The scald and scrape method for leaving the skin on the animal

  • How to utilize the entire animal including, organs, head, skin, feet, and lard

  • Hog specific butchering techniques 

  • How to make cased and uncased pork sausage

  • Smoking pork

  • How to make homemade bacon

  • Pressure canning

Dates: ​TBA

Time: Day 1 - 10:30am-5:00pm, Day 2 - 8:30am-4:00pm

Cost: $295

Location: Giddings, TX (Not at the Earth Native Campus)

Note: This is a 2 day course. Camping overnight on Saturday is optional. Stories by the campfire on Saturday evening are included at no additional charge. :) A homemade dinner is included on Saturday evening. Participants must bring their own lunch for both class days.

Ages: This is an adult class open to ages 13 and up. Teens under age 17 must be accompanied by an adult participant at a 1-1 ratio. Class is limited to a maximum of 13 participants. An enrollment form and payment must be received for each person attending, regardless of age.

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