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Dadger Track OR 2011 - 4
Dadger Track OR 2011 - 4

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No prior experience with wildlife tracking is necessary.

The program consists of a combination of instructor led field time, lectures, and out of class tracking and journaling assignments.

Note: Physical exertion during the local program weekends is light and moderate on the field trips. Participants must be capable of walking on uneven terrain. 

Tuition includes all program instruction and camping fees for trips. Camping is available/included for local weekends, if you choose to stay overnight. All meals are on your own.

PROGRAM IS FULL for 2021-22

Most wild animals are secretive, nocturnal, or simply difficult to observe in the wild. Wildlife tracking skills can provide us an incredible window in the secret lives of Texas’ animal species. A skilled observer can not only determine what animals are inhabiting an area through the tracks that they are leaving behind but can also establish track and sign pattern interpretations that give us a much greater understanding of animal behavior. 

This 8 month intensive course, meeting one weekend a month from October-May, will provide you with an incredible amount of experience in the field identifying the tracks and sign of Central Texas animal species. 

In this course you will follow black bear trails through the Chisos Mountains, observe mountain lion tracks and sign along the Rio Grande, unlock unknown stories in the lives of river otters and beavers along the banks of the Colorado river, watch and track shore birds and alligators along the gulf coast, and follow coyote and buffalo trails at Caprock Canyons. All of this under the close watch and guidance of our tracking instructors, Dave Scott and Jason Kleinert, extremely accomplished wildlife trackers and passionate educators. 

This is one of the most comprehensive wildlife tracking courses in the country and even students with no prior tracking experience coming into the course will leave with an incredible amount of skill and experience in the art and science of tracking wildlife. Whether you are a professional wildlife biologist or simply someone who wants to establish a greater understanding of and connection to the animals of Texas, this course is an excellent choice. 


Program topics will include:

  • Identification of animal track and sign 

  • Interpretation of animal movement and behavior through track and sign patterns

  • Aging tracks and sign found in the field

  • Animal trailing techniques

  • Ecological Tracking that will enable you to predict animal movement and activity on a given landscape

  • Animal behavior

  • Animal behavioral patterns and observation techniques that will help you locate and view more wildlife

  • Bird Feather and kill site identification

  • Mammal Skull identification


Watch a short film of Earth Native founder, Dave Scott, leading a wolf tracking expedition in Wisconsin in the Winter of 2011.

2021-22 DATES

October 9-10

November 13-16  (Big Bend Trip)

December 11-12

January 8-9

February 12-14 (Monahans Trip)

March 19-20

April 9-11 (South Texas Trip)

May 21-22 CyberTracker Track & Sign Certification


A $400 registration fee per student is required at the time of enrollment. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable should you withdraw anytime after enrolling.

For more information about this program give us a call at

512-299-8870 or email us at info@earthnativeschool.com



$210 a month: After paying your $400 registration fee, your tuition can be paid in 8 installments of $210 each month from October- May.


Tuition is $1595 per student if paying in full at the time of enrollment, PLUS the $400 registration fee per program spot.

Purchase an Earth Native Klean Kanteen Bottle

Available to buy during registration - pick up at class!

Black Earth Native Water Bottle.jpg

Klean Kanteen

27 oz, Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Sports Top $20.00

Klean Kanteen hot Bev bottle.jpeg

Klean Kanteen

16 oz, TKWide Insulated Hot/Cold Beverage Bottle with Leak-Proof Cafe Cap $24.99


Klean Kanteen

32 oz, Insulated Wide Mouth Water Bottle with Chug Cap $39.99



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