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Wildlife Tracking Intensive

Most wild animals are secretive, nocturnal, or simply difficult to observe in the wild. Wildlife tracking skills can provide us an incredible window in the secret lives of Texas’ animal species. A skilled observer can not only determine what animals are inhabiting an area through the tracks that they are leaving behind but can also establish track and sign pattern interpretations that give us a much greater understanding of animal behavior. 

This 8 month intensive course, meeting one weekend a month from October-May, will provide you with an incredible amount of experience in the field identifying the tracks and sign of Central Texas animal species. 

In this course you will follow black bear trails through the Chisos Mountains, observe mountain lion tracks and sign along the Rio Grande, unlock unknown stories in the lives of river otters and beavers along the banks of the Colorado river, watch and track shore birds and alligators along the gulf coast, and follow coyote and badger trails as they snake through the Monahans Sandhills. All of this under the close watch and guidance of our accomplished and passionate wildlife tracking instructors, Marcia Karr, Charlie Serra & Mark McDermott.


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Survival Skills Intensive

Join us for our Survival Skills Intensive, an 8 month immersive class where students will acquire and develop wilderness survival skills and self-sufficiency.


At Earth Native, we believe that long term mentoring situations are the best way to learn.  With that in mind, the class meets one weekend per month for 8 months. Skills taught in this program include: shelter building, friction fire by multiple methods -- bow-drill, fire-saw, and hand-drill, primitive fishing, local plant identification, basic wildlife tracking and behavior, foraging for both animal and plant foods, making cordage from indigenous plant species, finding, collecting and purifying water, creation of natural containers, basic animal processing, primitive cooking methods, basic stone tool construction and use, and more!

Every weekend will provide participants the opportunity to put into practice the theories and skills of both ancient and modern survival techniques. Several weekends will involve the application of these skills and principles in overnight scenarios. The intensive culminates in a 5 day survival trip, where the students will apply their new skills with access to limited modern equipment.

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