Weekly Nature School
Ages 5-12

Earth Native Nature School is a weekly nature education course for homeschooled children or children in alternative education programs.


Participants work closely with program instructors to increase their connection to and knowledge of the land around them. At Earth Native our unique teaching methods center around “Coyote Mentoring” a method of teaching and learning that is based on education models used by indigenous populations across the globe for thousands of years. Our “invisible school” teaching philosophies are based on natural learning cycles that use your child’s passions and natural inspirations as the spark that drives their education in the outdoors.

At Earth Native our youth programming curriculum will teach your children an incredible amount about natural science and nature through the exploration of the plants, animals, and natural processes that are going on all around us. Children will work diligently with their instructor in small groups to gain nature awareness and knowledge of plants, mammals, tracking, birds, ecology and a lot more!

Wilder Teens
Ages 12-16

Discover the world around you, discover yourself…

The Wilder Teens program is a group of youth 12-16 on a journey in search of adventure, self-discovery, and connection to their inner “wild”. Skilled program instructors will guide participants on grand adventures that lead them down the road to discovering themselves and the gifts that they bring to their communities.

Wilder Teens will 

  • Discover more independence and self-reliance though building things with their hands and learning how to take care of themselves in the woods by sourcing needs from the land that surrounds them

  • Connect to their ancestors and our human journey by learning to create, build and maintain fire: humankind’s oldest companion and tool

  • Learn vital leadership, communication, and peacemaking skills

  • How to understand and interpret one of the Earth’s oldest languages, the language of the birds

  • Explore the local bounty of Edible and Medicinal Plants

  • Establish greater awareness and empathy of the world through the core routines of nature awareness

  • And most importantly, establish themselves in a community where they feel safe to express themselves, grow, and contribute

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