Wilder Teens

Weekly Program - September-May

Ages 12-16

Discover the world around you, discover yourself…

The Wilder Teens program is a group of youth 12-16 on a journey in search of adventure, self-discovery, and connection to their inner “wild”. Skilled program instructors will guide participants on grand adventures that lead them down the road to discovering themselves and the gifts that they bring to their communities.


Wilder Teens will 

  • Discover more independence and self-reliance though building things with their hands and learning how to take care of themselves in the woods by sourcing needs from the land that surrounds them

  • Connect to their ancestors and our human journey by learning to create, build and maintain fire: humankind’s oldest companion and tool

  • Learn vital leadership, communication, and peacemaking skills

  • How to understand and interpret one of the Earth’s oldest languages, the language of the birds

  • Explore the local bounty of Edible and Medicinal Plants

  • Establish greater awareness and empathy of the world through the core routines of nature awareness

  • And most importantly, establish themselves in a community where they feel safe to express themselves, grow, and contribute

Teen Tracker:

Wildlife Tracking Certification

Twice monthly program - SEPTEmBER-March

Ages 12-16

We are lucky to have such an amazing abundance of wildlife here in Central Texas. Unfortunately it is often difficult to directly learn about these creatures since they are often hidden from our view or only come out at night. 

Wildlife tracking gives us a unique opportunity to learn and understand more about the amazing and often secretive creatures that we share the Earth with. Additionally, learning the Art and Science of Wildlife Tracking not only lets us dive deeply into inquiry based scientific study but it also helps us to learn more about and reflect on our own learning processes and roadblocks that we hit along the way. These insights then carry over into so many other aspects of our lives helping us to become better more capable human beings

For the last 7 years Earth Native has been training some of the finest wildlife trackers in the state of Texas through our Adult Wildlife Tracking Intensive program. Now for our 2nd year we are offering an amazing course to local Teens exploring wildlife tracks, sign, and animal behavior.

Teen wilderness Adventure

 Monthly program - October-april

Ages 12-16

Get ready for extreme outdoor adventure as you learn the skills to live off the land taking care of yourself using only what nature has provided!


Imagine yourself tracking deer, rabbits, raccoons, and other wildlife across the landscape, building a fire from the land, building survival bows, creating shelter, foraging for edible plants, cooking around the campfire and telling stories about your adventures to all of the new friends you have made. 


You’ll get this adventure and more at Teen Wilderness Adventure in Bastrop, TX.


Course topics will include:

  • Advanced knife skills

  • Identification and use of local edible and medicinal plants

  • Wildlife track and sign

  • Survival shelters

  • Fire skills

  • Wilderness first-aid

  • Traps, snares, and primitive hunting

  • Bow making and archery

  • Bone and stone tool creation and use

  • Wilderness navigation 

  • Water purification



Ages 13-16

Give your teen the ultimate adventure this summer with our Teen Wilderness Survival Overnight Camp. Guided by our expert survival instructors, your teen will learn some awe-inspiring survival skills and gain a new way to connect to the natural world. Outdoor survival skills are a great way to help your teen build confidence in the outdoors all while increasing their self-confidence and maturity. Your teen will leave this course with unique skills that they can be proud of.

Your teen will learn to build their own shelter, to source materials from the landscape to aid in their quest for greater self-reliance, and how to use problem solving to create and use tools, all while increasing their connection to the world around them.


Camp Skills and Activities:

  • Fire by friction and match

  • Sleeping in self constructed effective natural shelters

  • Coal burning wooden bowls

  • Making baskets and rope with plants

  • Interpreting wildlife tracks and animal behavior

  • Finding, collecting and purifying water

  • Natural navigation – Utilizing the sun, wind and stars

  • Identifying and harvesting common wild edible plants

  • Night bullfrog hunt

  • Knife and tool safety

  • Awareness and avoidance of natural hazards

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