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RED WOLVES - September-May

Ages 12-16

Earth Native Nature School is a weekly nature education course for homeschooled children or children in alternative education programs aged 5-16. 

During weekly nature school, students and instructors work closely in a variety of settings to develop skills that will lead to a deeper knowledge of the natural world and authentic connections to nature, awaken sensory awareness and cultivate knowledge of place, as well as build self confidence and peaceful interpersonal relationships.


At Earth Native, our unique teaching methods center around “Coyote Mentoring”, a method of teaching and learning that is based on education models used by indigenous populations across the world for thousands of years. Our “invisible school” teaching philosophies are based on natural learning cycles that use your child’s passions and natural inspirations as the spark that drives their education in the outdoors.

Each week at Earth Native Nature School, children will explore, hear inspiring stories, practice primitive and wilderness survival skills, play games and practice core routines to develop strong skills and knowledge in many areas.


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Teen wilderness Adventure

 TWICE Monthly program - SEPTEMber-april

Ages 12-16

Get ready for extreme outdoor adventure as you learn the skills to live off the land taking care of yourself using only what nature has provided!


Imagine yourself tracking deer, rabbits, raccoons, and other wildlife across the landscape, building a fire from the land, building survival bows, creating shelter, foraging for edible plants, cooking around the campfire and telling stories about your adventures to all of the new friends you have made. 


You’ll get this adventure and more at Teen Wilderness Adventure in Bastrop, TX.


Course topics will include:

  • Advanced knife skills

  • Identification and use of local edible and medicinal plants

  • Wildlife track and sign

  • Survival shelters

  • Fire skills

  • Wilderness first-aid

  • Traps, snares, and primitive hunting

  • Bow making and archery

  • Bone and stone tool creation and use

  • Wilderness navigation 

  • Water purification



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Ages 13-16

Give your teen the ultimate adventure this summer with our Teen Wilderness Survival Overnight Camp. Guided by our expert survival instructors, your teen will learn some awe-inspiring survival skills and gain a new way to connect to the natural world. Outdoor survival skills are a great way to help your teen build confidence in the outdoors all while increasing their self-confidence and maturity. Your teen will leave this course with unique skills that they can be proud of.

Your teen will learn to build their own shelter, to source materials from the landscape to aid in their quest for greater self-reliance, and how to use problem solving to create and use tools, all while increasing their connection to the world around them.


Camp Skills and Activities:

  • Fire by friction and match

  • Sleeping in self constructed effective natural shelters

  • Coal burning wooden bowls

  • Making baskets and rope with plants

  • Interpreting wildlife tracks and animal behavior

  • Finding, collecting and purifying water

  • Natural navigation – Utilizing the sun, wind and stars

  • Identifying and harvesting common wild edible plants

  • Night bullfrog hunt

  • Knife and tool safety

  • Awareness and avoidance of natural hazards

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