Youth Classes

2017 Upcoming Classes

Summer Camps 


Weekly Nature School 

begins September 13-15

Bow Building for Kids  

September 16-17

Flying Squirrels 

begins September 18

Knife Carving & Safety 

September 24

Ninja Coyotes 

September 24

Teen Tracker - Teen Wildlife Tracking Certification 

begins October 2

Advanced Monthly Program 

begins October 7

Monday Monthly Program 

begins October 9

Teen Wilderness Adventure 

begins October 14

Saturday Monthly Program 

begins October 21

Preschool Monthly Program 

begins October 21

Acorns aren't just for squirrels

November 12

More than S’mores 

November 12

Knife Carving & Safety 

February 11

Outdoor First Aid for Kids & Teens

February 17

Survival Skills

February 25

Sticks & Stones 

March 11

Egg Hunt & Nature Fun Day 

March 31

Forts & Fairy Houses 

April 8

Primitive Projectiles 

May 12

Natural Camo for kids 

May 19

Natural Paints & Pigments for kids

May 20

Get your kids outside this year!

Summer Camps

2017 Summer Camps - Ages 3-16 

Weekly Programs 

Weekly Nature School - Ages 5-12

Wilder Teens - Weekly Program - Ages 12-16

Flying Squirrels (every OTHER week) -  Ages 4-5

Monthly Programs  

Preschool Monthly Program - Ages 3.5-5

Youth Monthly Program - Ages 6-12

Advanced Youth Monthly Program - Ages 8-12

Teen Wilderness Adventure Program - Ages 13-16

Teen Tracker: Teen Wildlife Tracking Certification (Twice a month) - Ages 12-16

One or Two Day Weekend Classes (listed alpha)

Acorn Harvesting - Ages 6-12

Birds, Birds, Birds - Ages 7-11

Bow Building for Kids - Ages 8-13

Camping 101- All Ages 

Earth Paints & Pigments for kids - Ages 

Egg Hunt and Nature Fun Day - All Ages

Fire! - Ages 8-13

Forts and Fairy Houses - Ages 5-8

Knife Carving & Safety - Ages 8-13

Mindfulness and Movement Retreat - Ages 7-11

More than S'mores - Ages 6-12

Muddy Shoes: Preschool Explorers (Bastrop) - Ages 3-5

Natural Camo for Kids - Ages 6-12

Ninja Coyotes - Ages 7-11

Outdoor First Aid for Kids - Ages 10-16

Owl Eyes and Deer Ears - Ages 6-10

Primitive Projectiles - Ages 7-12

Plant Potions - Local Plant Medicine - Ages 6-12

Sticks and Stones - Ages 8-13

Survival Skills -  Ages 7-11

Tracking Dectectives - Ages 7-11

Trap Making for Kids - Ages 8-13

Wilderness Survival Overnight Class - 8-12




Want happier, healthier, smarter kids?

Recent studies have directly linked time spent in nature to increased happiness, smarts, emotional health, reduced stress, and even better test scores. The latest statistics on declining childhood “nature” time are startling. Kids just aren’t getting outside and exploring like they used to a generation ago.

Earth Native wants to help. A major part of our school’s mission is to help children develop strong connections to nature. We do this though a unique method of environmental education called Coyote Mentoring which utilizes child’s passions -- old school stuff like playing in the mud, building forts, catching critters, hiding and sneaking, and skipping stones as a foundation for adventure and learning. We use these child’s passions as the spark that drives a curriculum that is centered around natural learning cycles that will help your children not just build strong connections but learn a ton about the natural world around them.

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