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at McKinney Falls 

Earth Native's Armadillo Adventurers is a monthly nature education program designed for homeschooled children or children in alternative education programs aged 5-12, that is held at McKinney Falls State Park in Southeast Austin on Mondays.

During this program, students and instructors will explore McKinney Falls State Park and develop skills that will lead to authentic nature connection, deeper knowledge of central Texas plants, animals, and their habitats, awaken sensory awareness, and build self-confidence.


At Earth Native, our unique teaching styles center around a method of teaching called “Coyote Mentoring”, which uses inspiration as the spark that drives learning and grand adventures in nature. These adventures are not only the backdrop for some incredible lessons but are a means to help kids establish lifelong bonds with nature and kindle their natural curiosity about the world outside. We call this “invisible school” because from a kid’s perspective it’s just fun and adventure. Children learn at our programs because they are inspired and curious, not because anyone is telling them they must.


Each class children will explore, hear inspiring stories, practice primitive and wilderness survival skills, play games, and practice our core routines of nature awareness to develop strong skills and knowledge in areas such as:


  • Edible and Medicinal Plants

  • Wildlife Tracking

  • Knife Carving & Safety

  • Bird Language

  • Ecology

  • Wilderness Survival and Outdoor Skills

  • Natural Navigation

  • Natural Arts and Crafts

...and much more!

2020-21 Dates: NEW!

September 21

October 19

November 16

December 7

January 11

February 22

March 29

April 26

May 10

Time: 9:30am-3:30pm

Cost: $495 

Location: McKinney Falls State Park, 5808 McKinney Falls Parkway, Austin, TX 78744

Ages: 5-12

Remaining 2019-20 class dates: April 13, May 11

Click here for COVID-19 Update regarding class. March 23 class has been canceled.

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Available to buy during registration - pick up at class!

3/17/20 COVID-19 UPDATE:

As you all know, the situation with CORVID-19 is constantly evolving at the moment. Yesterday the CDC altered their guidance from restricting group gatherings of less than 50 people down to no more than 10. Over the last few days we have been in close communication with the Superintendent at McKinney Falls and until today we were cleared to continue running programs. Unfortunately McKinney Falls just called to inform me that Texas Parks and Wildlife has ordered all contracts with the state parks be temporarily suspended for 15 days (through April 5th).   


Sadly that means that we will need to cancel the March 23 Armadillo Adventures class. As of now, this cancelation only affects this one class date and we're hopeful we will be able to resume class on April 13th as scheduled. 


We'll be in touch soon as we have more information or if any plans change.


3/16/20 COVID-19 UPDATE:

At this time we are continuing with classes as scheduled. We will be immediately taking steps to alter our operations to greatly reduce risk of virus transmission. We will be working within the current CDC guidelines that aim to slow the spread of this disease. 


We feel that given that our classes are 100% outdoors and we have a ton of space to spread out that the risk of virus transmission is very low and therefore will continue operations. That being said, ultimately the decision is in the hands of individual parents and families as to whether to send your kids to class. If you do not feel comfortable with them participating in programs right now please feel free to keep them home. While available data shows that this virus poses a very low risk to children it has the potential to impact the elderly and people with other medical conditions in extreme ways. If your household includes an elderly person or someone who is medically vulnerable we encourage you to take additional precautions and keep your child home for the time being.


Starting immediately we will be ceasing use of any shared gear or equipment. This includes bandanas. We will also be avoiding games that require students to touch one another, will be creating more space between students during circle time, and will be operating in smaller groups and reducing time spent as together as a whole program group.


Hand washing at class will become even more frequent and will include (at minimum) hourly hand washing and washing before lunch and snack. We may use hand sanitizer in lieu of hand washing as available. 


Students who are showing signs of flu-like illness need to stay home from class. This includes a fever of 100.0 or greater. In fact, if anyone in your household is exhibiting flu like symptoms we ask that you please keep your child home from class. 


Instructors will have access to a no-touch infrared forehead thermometer at class and will check the temperature of any child at class who is showing any signs of illness. Any child with a fever of 100.0 or greater will be separated from other children and sent home. 


Earth Native instructors will be held to the same standards as students and we WILL NOT have instructors that show any signs of sickness working at class.

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