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The first day of class each month is held at our beautiful wooded campus 20 minutes east of Austin at 137 Woodview Lane, Bastrop, TX 78602. All other class days are held at McKinney Falls State Park in Southeast Austin at 5808 McKinney Falls Parkway, Austin, TX 78744

Wednesday, Thursday or Friday program options are offered. Weekly Nature School meets one day a week for a total of 32 class sessions between September and May. Max 9:1 student to instructor ratio


This program meets from 9:30am-3:30pm.

Weekly Nature School 

Earth Native Nature School is a weekly nature education course that runs during the school year for ages 5-16. Program days that are offered are WednesdayThursday or Friday.

During weekly nature school, students and instructors work closely in a variety of settings to develop skills that will lead to a deeper knowledge of the natural world and authentic connections to nature, awaken sensory awareness and cultivate knowledge of place, as well as build self confidence and peaceful interpersonal relationships.


At Earth Native, our unique teaching methods center around the 8 Shields Mentoring Model, a method of teaching and learning that is based on inspiration, natural learning cycles, and education models used by ancestral human communities across the world for thousands of years. Our “invisible school” teaching approach uses your child’s passions and natural inspirations as the spark that drives their education in the outdoors.


Each week at Earth Native Nature School, children will explore, hear inspiring stories, practice primitive and wilderness survival skills, play games and practice core routines to develop strong skills and knowledge in areas such as:


  • Edible and Medicinal Plants

  • Wildlife Tracking

  • Bird Language

  • Ecology

  • Wilderness Survival

  • Natural Navigation

  • Primitive Arts and Crafts

...and much more!

Program with limited spots (5 or less): Wednesday Ringtails, Wednesday Red Wolves, Thursday Red Wolves, Friday Coyotes

Full Programs: Wednesday Kit foxes, Wednesday Coyotes, Thursday Ringtails, Thursday Kit foxes, Thursday Coyotes, Friday Ringtails, Friday Kit foxes, Friday Red Wolves

Use above "ENROLL HERE" button to join waitlists

2021-22 CALENDAR

First Week of class:

September 8, 9 or 10

Last Week of class: 

May 18, 19 or 20

Holiday Breaks - No Classes

Thanksgiving Break - November 22-26  

Winter Break - December 20-31

Spring Break - March 7-18 


Students are divided into 4 programs based on age.

RINGTAILS - Ages 5-6

Must be 5 years old by 9/30/21.

KIT FOXES - Ages 7-8

Must be 7 years old by 9/30/21.

COYOTES - Ages 9-11

Must be 9 years old by 9/30/21.

RED WOLVES - Ages 12-16

Must be 12 years old by 9/30/21.


A $300 registration fee per program spot is required at the time of enrollment. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable should you withdraw anytime after enrolling.



$165 a month: After paying your $300 registration fee, your tuition can be paid in 9 installments of $165 each month from September- May.


Tuition is $1395 per student if paying in full at the time of enrollment, PLUS the $300 registration fee per program spot.


Visit Day Info
April 5, 2022 


2022-23 School Year Info


For more information about this program give us a call at

512-299-8870 or email us at

For Current Students
Password was emailed to you in your Program Details

Parent Testimonials

"The Weekly Homeschool Program has been a wonderful experience for my son. (He describes it as life changing!) I am so grateful that something so special exists in Austin, and I'm immensely thankful for the amazing instructors who have helped my son to bloom. I wish every child could experience this invaluable nature time."

 ~ Aimee N.



"My son has been going weekly for 1.5 years. To say he *loves* it is an understatement! He gets all of his gear ready the night before with no reminder from me, has no issue with getting up early the day of, pretty much leaves me in the dust with barely any form of goodbye as soon as we pull up (He's 11), thoroughly delights in trekking around for 6 hours outside in all kinds of weather, wears his brier scratches and chigger bites with pride, tells me stories of what happened on the ride home until he sometimes falls asleep because he's so exhausted from all the fun, dutifully cleans out his gear when we walk in the door and then uses knowledge he's gained from these days throughout the days, weeks, and months ahead. All of this makes the driving long distance to class worth it. (We're in Far NW Austin, practically Cedar Park.)"

 ~ Angela M.

“Two kids in the weekly program, both of them love it. 8-yr-old son is in his 3rd year and still as enthusiastic as ever; 5-yr-old daughter started last fall, also loves it. Even when the weather is cold and rainy they start the day with enthusiasm and come home tired, hungry, filthy, often wet, and always happy. They are learning about native plants and animals, edible and toxic plants, animal scat (always a fun one), local ecosystems, weather, seasons, building shelters and fire, everything to do with the outdoors. Most of it is taught through experiencing it or storytelling or games, very little teaching in the form of lectures from instructors - so they experience it as a day of outdoor play. If only I had the time, I'd be taking ENWS weekend classes at least once a month myself!”

 ~ KS

"We are a new Earth Native family this school year, and everything about the school - from the organization, to the community, to the staff, to the curriculum/material, to the way they relate to the children - has been positive, inspiring, and impressive.

My 9 year old son has been attending since September, and he regularly comes home covered in mud, happily wrung out, and telling me about all the animals they discovered or places they explored and adventures of the day. The teachers interact with the children with a blend of natural, gentle authority, curiosity, care, openness, and warmth. I sense how this mix helps the kids feel safe, respected, at ease, cared for, liked and open to learning and exploration. My son has developed a relationship with the natural world - plants, animals, sky, and earth - while also being able to run around outside and just be a kid, something that feels a bit like an endangered thing today.
The administrative side of the school is equally well run and a joy to work with as a parent. 

I highly recommend it - it's been an enjoyable and nourishing experience for our family. I'm so grateful for this experience for my son!"

 ~ Karly P.