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Wild Life Forest Preschool at Earth Native

Q: Does my child need to be potty trained to attend your preschool programs?

A: Yes, we do require that all children attending are potty trained.

Q: Will there be a classroom?

A: While we will spend the majority of our day outside, we have a cute little classroom, "Cliff Swallow", used for circle time and during inclement weather. It is still important that you dress your kiddos to be outside all day. Details will be emailed before the program begins.

Q: What is your student to teacher ratio?

A: We will have a max of 8:1 student to teacher ratio.

Q: Where are you located and can you tell me more about your campus?

A: Our school's campus is located at 137 Woodview Ln in Bastrop, TX. Please click here to read more about our campus and see photos.

Q: Is there a place for parents to hang out at your campus while my child is in class?

A: We ask that all parents leave the Bastrop campus after dropping off and saying goodbye to their child. While we know driving back home isn't feasible for all families, we want to make sure our students are able to explore themselves fully without parent interruption. Bastrop has many options for places to spend time at including bakeries/coffee shops, parks, plus the public library is a great free place to sit and work or spend time with a younger sibling. We have a list we can share with you!

Q: Bastrop is a little too far a drive for us. Will there be any bus service or carpooling available?

A: Don't let a little distance get in the way of your child's incredible nature connection experience!

We know that Bastrop can be a far drive for some, but our school's campus is amazing and the perfect canvas for this program. We are fully committed to helping facilitate parent carpooling. We already have families enrolled in 2020-21 coming from various parts of Austin, Red Rock, San Marcos, Dale, Bastrop, Elgin, Paige, Llano & Smithville

Q: How much emphasis is placed on traditional preschool academics (i.e. numbers, letters) within the student led exploration learning style?

A: While traditional academics is not our main focus, we fold some of this into the program curriculum. We inject things like math and problem solving into the program days as we come across good opportunities that provide natural inspiration. We also work with the kids to encourage them to learn to write their name and learn about letters through learning about their nature names (animal or plant name that a child takes on or is given in addition to their regular name). We also work with the students to understand the calendar as we discuss upcoming events and special days that we are looking forward to. Fine motor skills work is important for kindergarten success as well and we work on this with them through various projects throughout the year. 

Q: This will be my child's first school experience and I expect them to feel anxious. Can I stay at school with them for the first few days?

A: Rest assured this is a very common sentiment! We understand and expect that this is likely most of our student's first experience at school and sometimes even their first experience away from their family. Our teachers have a lot of experience helping children and parents get comfortable with the transition into preschool. As a rule, we do not allow parents to stay at class. Most of the time, a parent's presence at class actually discourages the anxious child from fully engaging with the teacher and other students and often exacerbates the feelings. It has been our experience that these transitions are usually fairly quickly settled. In the case of more extreme feelings that aren't easily assuaged we will work with the child and parents to develop a strategy that works for the specific situation. 

Q: Can I request a teacher for my child?

A: While we have two Instructors for each program day, children will not be permanently split into 2 groups and assigned an Instructor. Some days the kids will be split into groups and assigned an Instructor for the day, other days each Instructor will offer an activity choice and then kids can choose which group they go with and some days the whole class will be together. So all kids will get plenty of time with both teachers and all classmates

Q: Will my child swim at class?

A: We are lucky enough to have the year round Cedar Creek flow through our property and will spend time playing and splashing in the water on good weather days. However, we will never swim or go in the water past our mid-thigh.

Q: Will early drop-off or late pick-up be available?

A: Our classes will run from 9am-2pm each class day. You are welcome to sign your child in as early as 8:45am. You can arrive at the campus earlier and hang out with your kiddo until the preschool opens at 8:45am. Pick-up must be by 2:00pm. There is a 15 minute grace period and then a late fee would apply at $1/minute.

Q: What is your refund/cancellation policy?

A: Please click here to read our cancellation policy.

Q: Can I enroll my child in multiple programs?

A: If this year is your 3 year olds first year with us, we ask that you only enroll in one program and check back with us a little later in the year. If you have a 4-5 year - Yes, enroll in as many programs as you wish.

Q: Will class be canceled if the weather is bad?

A: Although we will run class in rain or shine, we will cancel or postpone class in cases of severe/dangerous weather (i.e. tornado warnings, flash flood warnings, etc.) If class is to be canceled/postponed we will email you and also post the information on the class’s webpage.

Q: What are my payment options?

A: Please click here for all payment options for our preschool programs.

Watch the build of our sweet little Earthbag House preschool classroom,"Cliff Swallow".

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