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Frequently Asked Questions about our Visit Day

Q: It is mandatory to attend this Visit Day to enroll in the 2024-25 school year.

A: No, not at all! This is completely optional. If you have already decided to sign up for this program there is no need to come to this day. We will hold a Parent Orientation at the beginning of the school year, that will be much more helpful. 

Q: Is it ok to bring younger siblings along to this day?

A: In order to limit the total number of people on campus for the visit day we ask that siblings that are not age eligible, or trying out the program, stay home if possible. 


Q: Can I drop my kids off or have a friend’s family bring them?

A: No, all children that attend must be with their own parent/guardian. This event is meant for both students and parents to get to know our program/school.


Q: I am interested in your Monthly Program or another program, is it ok to attend?

A: No, this Visit Day is for those interested in our WILD OUTSIDE or FOREST ROOTS only.


Q: Do I need to come for the whole time?

A: It is intended for you and your children to attend the entire 3 hour event. It is not an open house. If you must leave early, you may miss some valuable information.


Q: I can’t make it on April 9th, is there another day I can attend?

A: We will only hold one Visit Day each year. If you are unable to make it to the Visit Day on April 9th and would  like your child to check out our programs, we would recommend signing them up for one of our 1-day Weekend Classes or even a Summer Camp.


Q: If I decide to enroll, how quickly does your program fill?

A: While it is impossible to exactly know how enrollment will play out, in prior years spots in our Wild Outside program fill quickly. Friday is usually the most popular program day and we had very few spots left after the priority enrollment period for our current families. We will have the exact number of open spots available to share with you at the Visit Day - or feel free to email us on 4/8 and ask.


We always recommend enrolling right away if you are sure you would like your child to attend this program. Please note that the $300 registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. In the past, the majority of the spots will be gone in the first few days and many programs will fill within minutes of registration opening. We will open enrollment for the program on Wednesday, 4/10 at 9am.


We do have a lot of movement in the programs the first few days/weeks/months, so we would recommend getting on the wait list if your desired spot is full. USUALLY, those that join the waitlist early on get a space in the program.

Any additonal questions? Please call 512-299-8870 or email us at

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