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Acorns Aren't Just for Squirrels

Acorns are such a wonderful local resource, and not JUST for the squirrels! This incredible tree nut is packed full of protein, vitamins, and good fats. Perhaps even more importantly though, they taste great and they DO grow on trees!

Doesn’t that make you just a little curious to taste them?

So we have established that acorns are awesome, however, they do require a bit of processing before they can be eaten. This is due to the fact that they are high in natural tannins that make them too bitter to be palatable fresh off the tree. In this class participants will learn how to process raw acorns and easy ways to “leach” out the tannins so that they can be eaten raw, toasted, or even made into flour that can be added to pancakes, cookies, or whatever….

Plus the kids will learn a lot of new stuff about some of our most awesome local trees the mighty oaks!


Time: 10:00am-3:30pm

Cost: $40

Location: Earth Native Campus, 137 Woodview Lane, Bastrop, TX

Ages: 6-12

Please note that all youth classes are DROP-OFF classes. Parents do not attend.

Please contact us to be notified when dates are announced for this class.

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