Wilderness Bushcraft

Having mad outdoor skills isn’t something you are born with, it’s something only really learned with close instruction. For some people this instruction came from a grandparent, parent, uncle or aunt, in childhood. For everyone else… Earth Native has got your back! Our expert outdoor instructors want to share some awesome Wilderness Bushcraft skills with you. Become more than competent in the skills that will not only keep you alive in the wilderness but will also help you thrive outside.

This class will focus on the proper use, maintenance and safety of the most useful tools that we utilize in the outdoors, a knife, axe, hatchet, fire starters, rope and lashings, and basic metal cookware. 

This workshop is heavily hands on and will include instruction in the following areas:

  • Knife selection, maintenance, and use including safety, carving techniques, and wood splitting.
  • Axe selection, maintenance, and use including safety, tree felling, notch carving, wood splitting, limbing, and bucking.
  • Saw selection, maintenance, and use including safety, tree felling, notching, and bucking logs into firewood.
  • Rope selection, maintenance, and use including a few basic knots, hitches, and lashings.
  • Outdoor cooking involving metal cookware and using simple techniques to boil water over a fire and cook with cast iron.
  • Fire starting utilizing matches and ferro rods. Also including different styles of building and tending fires, as well as firewood selection and conservation.
  • Shelter building strategies and concepts including the construction of a “Super Shelter”, easily improvised with a few common pieces of equipment and made popular by Master Bushcrafter Mors Kochanski. 
  • Camp setup including choosing a location, hygiene principles, camp essentials, and other methods of making your living area in the woods a little more comfortable. 

Class Cost: $195 per person

Class Dates: December 2-3, 2017

Class Times: 9am-5pm

Class Location: Our campus in Bastrop, TX at 137 Woodview Lane (read more about our campus here)

*This is an ADULT class but is open to ages of 14 and up. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult participant with a 1:1 ratio.

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