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2024/25 Early Enrollment for Weekly Programs

By attending our Visit Day on April 9th, you will be able to enroll today in our Weekly Programs, using the below enrollment links. After April 9th, please visit the main webpage to enroll.


Please note that the below enrollment links are "private links" within our registration system that are only accessible through this webpage. If you are enrolling more than one child in different programs/groups you will need to do so in separate transactions.




*Age by 9/30/24

Monday Pocket Gophers (ages 6-7)

Monday Porcupines (ages 8-11)


*Age by 9/30/24

Wednesday Ringtails (ages 5-6)

Wednesday Kit foxes (ages 7-8)

Wednesday Coyotes (ages 9-11)

Wednesday Red Wolves (ages 12-16)


Thursday Ringtails (ages 5-6)

Thursday Kit foxes (ages 7-8)

Thursday Coyotes (ages 9-11)

Thursday Red Wolves (ages 12-16)


Friday Ringtails (ages 5-6)

Friday Kit foxes (ages 7-8)

Friday Coyotes (ages 9-11)

Friday Red Wolves (ages 12-16)

Owl Eyes

*Age by 9/30/24

Wednesday Program (ages 7-11) 

Thursday Program  (ages 11-14)

Friday Program (ages 7-11) 

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