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Student Code of Conduct & Dismissal Policy

We must clearly state that there are certain behaviors that are unacceptable at Earth Native Youth Programs. Though we don’t expect that these behaviors will occur, we feel it’s necessary to be very clear about them.

  • Students will not display violent, harmful or abusive behavior at camp, whether it is directed at other students, staff, the public, or themselves.

  • Students will not use or bring tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs. They will use prescription medications or over-the-counter medications only in ways prescribed and will communicate with staff when doing so.

  • Students will listen to the requests of instructors and follow them. If students are unable to do this, it puts themselves and others at risk.

At the beginning of each camp, students and staff will create Community Agreements acknowledging the above and more specific guidelines. Once the agreements are made in consensus, all will be held accountable. Staff will mentor students in upholding the agreements. If students don’t follow the agreements, staff will determine what option best fits the circumstance. The following is a list of possible options that instructors will use. The first two options will always be incorporated – ranging from a gentle reminder like a hand on a shoulder, to a heart-to-heart conversation, or, if needed for safety, instructors may need to simply say, “Stop!” Instructors commonly strive to co-create solutions with students, but in some cases (when physical and/or emotional safety is at risk) a decision may not be open to negotiation (though we are willing to hear the student’s perspective afterward). Respect, understanding, and communication will be priorities in all situations

Instructor responses to student behavior when it is not consistent with agreements (listed from gentlest response to most severe)
1. Remind the child of the agreement.
2. Support the child in shifting their behavior or creating a new agreement.

3. Contact the parent. (Parents often can help staff and students understand each other more fully)

If needed for safety or to maintain a healthy environment for all, Earth Native School reserves the right to:
4. Call the parent during camp to pick up their child.
5. Ask a child to “take a day off”

6. Dismiss the student from the program. – This would occur only if the previous steps are not effective or if a very serious infraction occurs. If a camper is dismissed for behavior related reasons no refund will be provided.


Though it is rare for Earth Native School to have serious behavior or discipline problem with students, it is necessary for us to let families know about our dismissal policy in the unlikely event that we do encounter difficulties. 

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