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Journey back in time and discover the tools and hunting weapons of our ancient ancestors and put your skills to the test in the ways of primal hunting. Long before the bow and arrow, simple throwing sticks, slings and spear throwers known as atlatls were used to harvest small and large game for clothing, food, tools and more.


In this class we'll learn to make and use some of these ancient human tools and have a ton of fun in the process. Hitting targets with sticks and spears is a long held universal child's passion. 


Time: 10:00am-3:30pm

Cost: $65

Location: Earth Native Campus, SHILOH ENTRANCE, 921 Shiloh Rd, Bastrop, TX, 78602

Ages: 9-14

Please note that all youth classes are DROP-OFF classes. Parents do not attend.

Purchase an Earth Native Klean Kanteen Bottle

Available to buy during registration - pick up at class!

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Klean Kanteen

27 oz, Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Sports Top $25

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Klean Kanteen

16 oz, TKWide Insulated Hot/Cold Beverage Bottle with Leak-Proof Cafe Cap $25


Klean Kanteen

32 oz, Insulated Wide Mouth Water Bottle with Chug Cap $45



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