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FAQ about Summer Camps

Q: When will I receive summer camp details?

A: A link to summer camp details was included in the confirmation email you received directly after enrolling in camp. The subject of this email is "Earth Native Wilderness School - Submission Confirmation." A camp reminder email will also be sent out 5 days prior to camp. Please email us if need your confirmation email resent. 


Q: What type of shoes should my camper wear?

A: Our best answer is closed toe, comfortable shoes. Athletic shoes/sneakers are a good option. If you want, you can send water shoes to change into for creek time, but not necessary. Closed-toe keen type sandals or Natives are also good options, however rocks and sand can get in these shoes while in the water. There are also nice hybrid hiking/water shoes that are great. Whatever feels the most comfortable to your camper is your best bet.

Q: What is your cancellation policy for camp?

A: Here is a link to our cancellation policy. (Please note that $50 of your camp fee (per spot) is non-refundable, should you cancel for any reason.) 

Q: I need to add some additional adults for pick-up that I did not include when enrolling my child. How can I do that?

A: Just log into your account. From the top right menu bar choose "My Account." Each child has a tab that includes their camp enrollments (and any waitlist requests). You will see the registration form you completed when you enrolled and can update any of this information including the section "Authorized Adults - Please list all adults that will be picking your child up from camp".

Q: I can't remember if I added extended hours or purchased a knife or water bottle for camp. How can I look that up?

A: Just log into your account. From the top right menu bar choose "Transactions." You will find each purchase you made here. You can hit the printer icon to print a statement or transaction summary.

Q: Can I switch my child's camp enrollment to another week of camp and is there a fee for that?

A: If you are requesting to switch camp weeks:

  • 14 days or more prior to your current camp week - Available at no charge if there is a spot open in your desired camp.

  • 7-13 days prior to your current camp week - Available for a $50 fee, if there is a spot open in your desired camp.

  • 6 or less days prior to your current camp week - Not available

Q: Can my child be in the same group with his or her sibling/friend?

A: Feel free to add any requests during registration, we will do our best to accommodate if the campers ages are close, but no request is guaranteed. Groups are created by age. If you forgot to add a request during enrollment, just log into your account and from the top right menu bar choose "My Account." Each child has a tab that includes their camp enrollments. You will see the registration form you completed when you enrolled and can update any of this information including the section "Group Requests". Groups are created a week before camp starts. Any changes made after this time will not be seen, please email us.


Q: Is there a fridge/cooler where lunches will be kept at day camps?

A: No, your child will need to carry all of their belongings in their backpack all day. Please take weight into consideration when packing.


Q: Do the kids swim at camp?

A: Swimming is not allowed at any camp except our camp at Lockhart State Park (Lockhart Wild Adventures Camp). At all camps the kids do play and splash around in the water to keep cool. Depending on age, kids can go knee to waist deep into the water. Do expect a wet child at the end of each camp day.


Q: Will my kid get wet/dirty at camp?

A: YES! It is a good idea to bring a change of clothes for after camp or a towel for them to sit on in your car.

Q: Yikes, it is the weekend before camp and I forgot to buy a knife for Bushcraft Survival Camp/Overnight Camp. Can I buy one at camp?

A: While we appreciate that all purchases be made prior to camp, if it is last minute and you forgot, please email us at We will check email at 8am on Monday morning and can add a knife purchase for you at that time.


Q: Can my child and his/her friend or sibling share a tent at overnight camp?

A: Yes, campers can share tents as long as it has been requested and approved by their parents PRIOR to camp beginning. You can let the staff know on Monday at sign-in, if it was not included in your registration form. Once camp has begun Instructors will not allow children to share at their own request.


Q: I have concerns about the heat in the summer. How do you guys deal with that?

A: We take heat into consideration when planning, including playing any running or high energy games first thing in the morning when it is cooler, staying in the shade as much as possible and spending time along the creek playing and cooling off (especially in the afternoons). We also are diligent in ensuring that kids at camp drink plenty of water to make sure everyone stays healthy and safe.


Q: Do you ever cancel camp due to bad weather?

A: Although we run our camps in rain or shine, we will cancel or postpone camp in cases of severe/dangerous weather (i.e. tornado warnings, flash flood warnings, etc.) If camp is to be canceled/postponed we will email you and also post the information on the camp’s webpage.


Q: What are my pick up time options for day camp?

A: Normal camp hours are 8am-2pm and you can pick-up your child between 1:45-2:15pm. Late fees ($2/min) will apply for kids picked later than 2:15pm without extended hours purchased. If you sign up for the "4pm extended hours pick-up", you can pick up between 3:30-4:00pm. (There is no pick up available between 2:15pm-3:30pm, as the extended hours campers will not be near the sign-out area.) Extended hours is not available for our Forest Explorers Camp (ages 4-5).


Q: Are your camp instructors background checked? Are they trained in First Aid?

A: Yes, all staff have been background checked and are First Aid and CPR certified.

Q: Is Earth Native Wilderness School a licensed child care facility?

A: Licensing Information: Earth Native Wilderness School is a nature based education program. Earth Native Wilderness School is not a state licensed child care facility and is not required to be state licensed as such due to the type, scope, and duration of programming that we offer. Earth Native Wilderness School overnight summer camps are licensed through the Texas Department of State Health Services license #250557

Q: I'm interested in enrolling my child for multiple weeks camp. Do the activities and themes change week to week over the summer or is everything repeated week to week?

A: The answer is yes and no. While some of the activities will be repeated most of them are based on broad topics (i.e. plants, survival skills, birds, etc.) and there is a lot of room for the instructors to change up activities as they see fit. Additionally each camp does have its own unique flow. Our curriculum is heavily influenced by our students, their interests, and inspiration so the camp shifts as new kids come in. We also often rotate our staff through different camps and each instructor has quite a bit of free rein to teach topics as they wish and/or focus more heavily on one topic or another. Even though the themes stay the same, all of the skills we teach at camp are pretty complex and require a lot of hands-on and repetition to master. So even repetition isn't boring. We have many kids each summer who take multiple weeks of the same type of camp and it's rare that we hear feedback that they were no longer engaged after the first week. 

Q: My child attended your summer camp and I am in need of your TAX ID number.

A: Our TAX ID is 45-1989303 and it is printed on your summer camp receipt as well. *Check next question*

Q: need a receipt for summer camp. How can I get one?

A: Just log into your account. From the top right menu bar choose "Transactions." You will find each purchase you made here and can hit the printer icon to print/download a statement or transaction summary. Once printed (or saved as a PDF) it will include our address and EIN number and can be used for tax purposes.


 If you have any more questions or concerns please feel free to give us a call at 512-299-8870

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