Join us for an awesome week of fun and learning in the woods. 

Have you ever stopped to notice the beauty of a flower, munched on some wild Wood Sorrel, found a neat wildlife track on the ground and wondered what creature put it there, or played a sneaky hiding game in the woods?

We will do awesome things like this every day at our Spring Break Camp! Our skilled naturalist instructor will lead your children on daily explorations of the natural world. At Earth Native we see incredible value in time spent in nature and want to share some adventures with your kids.

From vivid stories told by our instructors to expertly crafted nature and awareness games to grand hikes and adventures along Cedar Creek, there is never a dull moment.

Students will spend their camp days…

  • Exploring the secret wild places of our 25 acres wooded campus

  • Observing and sometimes even catching & releasing wildlife

  • Learning about local, useful, edible and medicinal plants

  • Tracking animals

  • Learning about and avoiding natural hazards

  • Navigating using the sun and their own awareness

  • And even what to do if they were ever to become lost in the woods

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