Knife Carving & Safety - Story of the Day

September 15, 2019

Greetings Families! 


It was a beautiful day to be outside and there was the occasional breeze to help keep us cool while we carved. Students arrived excited to learn about knife safety and the art of carving! We started our morning with a feisty game of Fox Tails to release some high energy. In this game, participants become Foxes with bandanas tucked away in their waist band and/or pockets. The goal is to steal tails from their adversaries. After a few rounds, we switched gears and gathered together under our covered pavilion, Red Oak. There, we brought our minds together by introducing ourselves and why we wanted to take this class. Many expressed interest in wanting to learn how to carve certain objects like swords, and spears while others were interested learning how to carve different notches. Once our minds were one, instructors spent time acting out the knife safety rules we follow here at Earth Native. In order to get certified, students must remember the following rules: Tool Not Toy, Always Ask Permission, Blood Bubble, Carve Off and Away From Yourself, Don't Get Distracted, and End with a Click and Zip. Everyone was able to recite the rules back to an instructor and became certified! 


After the certification process, we gathered our belongings and took care of our bodies by visiting the bathrooms and refilling our water bottles. Then, we headed down the hill to eat lunch. Once bellies were full, it was time to practice our first carving activity! With rules in mind, instructors passed out ligustrum and china berry sticks to students which was used to practice useful techniques like carving a spear point, dove tail, v-notch and beaver chew. Students successfully completed most of the techniques! Instructors also demonstrated how to billet a piece of ceder wood with their knives safely and make feather sticks. Students went off to begin splitting wood with their knives and working diligently on their feather sticks. They quickly realized that making feather sticks can be tricky to carve. But, making a few adjustments to their technique, students were making a handful of feather sticks. We even used a match to catch a feather stick on fire! 


With a full day of carving, we all agreed it was best to take a break and head down the creek to explore. There some of us spent time wading in the water, skipped some rocks, and caught tiny frogs. It was hard to leave the creek as students were called to head back up for closing circle. Under CaraCara, we shared something we learned or our favorite part of the day. 


We had so much fun learning how to carve different types of notches and how to use our knife to billet wood! We hope to see you back on the land real soon! 



Narissa, Bryan and Jack

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