Campfire Skills - Story of the Day

October 24, 2020

Good Evening Campfire Skills Families!


This morning started off with a bit of a chill compared to earlier in the week. This made it the perfect day to be learning the skills to build fire. Students started the day by playing a game of scramble. In scramble, students need to tag other students with a bandana ball while dodging others. This game tests speed, agility, and quick thinking. After games each clan went with their instructor and formed a circle. In their circles, students introduced themselves and got to know each other. Each instructor told their own story about something fire related. Julia told the students a story about a trickster raccoon. Trent told a story about Aang and Zuko on a quest to find fire. James told a story about an intense bow drill challenge that he did in Washington. 


After students finished introductions they gathered up and learned about fire safety from Julia. Once Julia had finished the students were issued a fire challenge in which they had 15 minutes to get a fire started with matches. Most were unsuccessful, but had a great time experimenting with different strategies. After the challenge, students came together to watch a demonstration put on by the instructors on how to properly start a fire. Trent taught students where to find good material for their tinder, kindling, and fuel. Julia went over the proper way to sort through the materials that they would find in order to boost their efficiency. James taught students about fire lays and showed them how to light the materials they would gather. He also showed them the safe way to put out a fire. The ending of the demo marked the beginning of lunch.


Once students finished lunch they went on adventures with their instructors across the landscape. Trent took his clan on a secret mission to a secret pool. They lit matches, some for the first time, to start a fire! They even roasted some of their food. Julia's clan went on a beautiful hike and gathered different sources of tinder in anticipation of building another fire. They tested different sources of tinder around their camp. They later bushwhacked their way down to the creek for rest and exploration. James' clan went on a hike to the climbing area where students tested their upper body strength and learned a few campfire songs. After they climbed around they did another match fire challenge and successfully started a fire. They also lit cotton balls on fire with a ferro rod. Every clan was able to see a bow drill demonstration and many students tried their hand at it as well.


Thanks for joining us this weekend and we look forward to seeing everyone again!



The Earth Native Instructors