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2022 Dates: June 6-10, June 20-24, July 25-29, August 8-12

Full Camps: June 6-10, June 20-24, July 25-29, 

*Use enroll button to join waitlists

Open Camps: August 8-12

Time: 9:00am-3:00pm Monday-Friday*

Extended Hours: We offer extended camp hours 8am-4pm (drop-off 1 hour early and pick up 1 hour late) for an additional $20 per camp day.

Cost: $375

Location: Earth Native Campus, 137 Woodview Lane, Bastrop, TX 

Ages: 7-12


Join Earth Native this summer for an epic adventure navigating the forest and improvising new tools as we embark on scenario based adventures. 


Whether we’re on a mission to track down an elusive rare creature that sneaks around the forest...


Surviving together after a shipwreck...


Or using an old, secret map to find the ruins of an abandoned barn and the treasures that lay within...this camp will be so much fun! 


Along the way we’ll learn to become competent and safe whittlers, expert archers, tie knots to tackle obstacles, make our own stone knife, learn to make tea from local edible plants and, of course, play a ton of fun games! We’ll cap off each day with some freeplay in our gorgeous year round creek.


Disclaimer: We were closely advised by a real 8 and 10 year old on the creation of this camp, so it’s child inspired and kid approved!

Safety first!

When your child is with us, we understand their safety is our responsibility and this is an honor that we take very seriously.

One of the first skills that we focus on in every camp is hazard awareness. Our instructors follow strict safety protocol regarding the use of carving knives and saws. This is also true for other activities that involve risks such building and working with fire as well as making and using tools. Each student must pass a strict safety test (safety class and practice proceeds test) for saws and knives before use. 

All of our summer camp instructors are First Aid and CPR Certified. We take pride in creating a safe environment for your children to experience the growth and self-discovery that comes from learning new skills.

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Your child will need to have a Mora Fixed Blade Knife (Stainless Steel blade) for this camp. These are readily available to buy online or you can purchase one from us during registration. 

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Buy an Earth Native Kleen Kanteen 
Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Sport Cap (27 oz.)
Pick up on the first day of camp!


A link to your Camp Details is included in your confirmation email received right after enrollment.


If you do not see this email, please first check your spam folder. If the email is not found, contact us to have it resent.

Cancellation policy and info about switching camp weeks included in FAQ.



Buy an Earth Native Kleen Kanteen 
Insulated Wide Mouth Water Bottle with Chug Cap (32 oz.)
Pick up on the first day of camp!

Licensing Information: Earth Native Wilderness School is a nature based education program. Earth Native Wilderness School is not a state licensed child care facility and is not required to be state licensed as such due to the type, scope, and duration of programming that we offer. Earth Native Wilderness School overnight summer camps are licensed through the Texas Department of State Health Services license # 250557