COVID-19 Precautions

Steps we are taking to greatly reduce the likelihood that illness will be spread at our programs:


All outdoors Earth Native is 100% outdoors which greatly reduces the potential for illness to spread at our classes and programs.

Spacing out at class - Luckily every location where we operate has ample space to spread out!

Small groups - We will be keeping our individual class groups smaller this year to minimize the number of people that each student will come in contact with. 

No sick students at class - We will not allow students to be at class who are experiencing symptoms of illness and will be asking students/parents to certify prior to class that neither the student, nor anyone in their household is experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19. 

Sanitizing of shared items – Any shared tools or items will be sanitized between students


Additional Precautions for our Youth Programs include: 

  • Daily health screenings - Taking temperature prior to class to ensure that no students has a fever of 100.0 or higher 

  • Increased hand washing/sanitizing

  • Kids will be kept in small groups of 9 students or less to reduce the number of people that they will come in contact with during class (with the exception of Wild Life Forest Preschool which will have a max ratio of 16:2)

  • Any shared items like bandanas will be laundered or sanitized before being used by another student. 



Adult Programs: We ask that all adult students bring a cloth facemask to class and use it when they are not able to be distanced at least 6 feet from others.


Youth Programs: All youth students who are 5 years old and older (with the exception of preschool students) should bring a cloth face mask to class as part of their gear. They will not be required to wear masks the majority of the time at class. However there will be occasions when masks will be required, when inside communal bathrooms or during times of sustained close interactions with others. Enrolled families will be sent the Earth Native 2020-2021 COVID-19 Policies and Procedures document with a detailed description of Earth Native’s mask policy and other COVID-19 related policies and procedures for the 2020-21 school year.


Note: We will be following all local and state guidelines related to COVID-19 at all of our program locations and will alter our program policies as needed to ensure compliance with all guidelines, laws, and regulations. 


Scientific data that we’ve learned about COVID-19 that informs our confidence and policies:

Updated 07/09/2020 (We'll do our best to update this as new scientific data emerges)

Outdoor activities have been shown to be MUCH safer compared to indoor activities. New studies are revealing that it’s actually not very easy for COVID-19 to spread from one person to another outdoors. It’s currently believed that almost all of the spread is happening in poorly ventilated spaces (generally indoors) when people are standing relatively close to one another (within 6 feet) and conversing for 15 minutes or more.  


New data is revealing that brief close encounters with others are very low risk and even much less so outdoors. 


COVID-19 does not spread easily on outdoor surfaces. We’ve also learned that the virus degrades much more quickly on objects outdoors, due to environmental factors (like sunlight, heat, humidity), than it would in indoor spaces that are climate controlled and devoid of direct radiation from the sun. Additionally, the virus does not last very long on porous surfaces like plants, dirt, wood, or cloth which are the main materials that we use at class. 


It is believed that COVID-19 is primarily spread through large droplets that are produced through coughing, sneezing, and to a lesser degree, speaking (the louder the volume the more droplets are expelled into the air). It is believed that the virus does not linger in the air outdoors and quickly drops to the ground or is taken away by air currents once expelled.

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