COVID-19 Precautions

Steps we are taking to greatly reduce the likelihood that illness will be spread at our youth programs:

All outdoors - Earth Native is 100% outdoors which greatly reduces the potential for illness to spread at our classes and programs.

Spacing out at class - Luckily every location where we operate has ample space to spread out!

Small groups - We will be limiting our class groups to a maximum of 9 students per Instructor, to minimize the number of people that each student will come in contact with.

No sick students at class - We will not allow students to be at class who are experiencing symptoms of illness and will be asking students/parents to certify prior to class that neither the student, nor anyone in their household is experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19.

Sanitizing - Increased hand-washing/sanitizing, and increased sanitization of common areas and shared equipment

Health Screenings - Parent questionnaire certifying that no one in the child's household is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 nor has anyone in the household been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the 14 days prior to class.

Close Contact - "Close Contact" for the purposes of someone being at risk for catching COVID-19 is defined by our advising physician as “Within 6 feet of another person who has COVID-19 and is infectious for more than 15 minutes over a period of 24 hours without a mask”. As we currently understand the facts, since ALL of our contact with others at class is 100% outdoors the chances that illness will spread from one person to another is greatly diminished. Adding in mask wearing when we can't be socially distanced reduces the risk even greater. Our goal with the implementation of our COVID-19 safety policies is to eliminate situations that would be considered "close contact" at class while still being able to provide a rich program experience for our students. Eliminating "close contact" will make it extremely unlikely that COVID-19 can spread at our programs should someone (instructor or student) who is contagious and asymptomatic slip through the morning health screening.


All students, parents and Earth Native Staff are required to wear masks while being dropped off and picked up.

We ask that you please send a mask neck lanyard with your child. Students who show up without a mask lanyard can make one out of string at class. Students will wear masks down around their necks when they are not on their faces. This allows for easier access to their mask when they are not distanced far enough from others.

We will also be continuing diligent hand washing/sanitizing including, but not limited to, before and after restroom use and games.

Students will be permitted to take off their mask during the class day under the following circumstances:

1. When they are at least double arms length from other students (i.e. when two students hold out their arms and can't touch one another. We are using double arm's length because we feel that foot distance measurements are too difficult for many of the students to grasp.)

2. When they are participating in a physically demanding activity that requires movement (i.e. running games or hiking at a steady pace)

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