COVID-19 Precautions and 2021 Summer Camps

Since the spring of 2020 Earth Native has safely run hundreds of outdoor programs. To date we have had ZERO cases of COVID transmission at any of our programs and we will continue to diligently pursue that goal moving forward.


As of January of 2021 we are using a combination of morning health screenings and targeted mask use for short periods of time, when social distancing is not possible, for all students 5 and older, to prevent the spread of COVID.


Many parents are asking us what our COVID policies will be in the summer of 2021. Unfortunately, given the nature of COVID-19 we do not have a clear answer to that question yet. We do however know that, when it relates to COVID, the outdoors is the safest place to interact with others and Earth Native is committed to developing responsible policies that help keep our staff and students safe from all threats, including COVID-19.


Earth Native has and will continue to follow ALL local and state regulations and recommended best practices when it comes to COVID-19. We currently do not know what the City of Austin and Texas Health Department policies/recommendations will be in the summer of 2021 and therefore can not commit to any specific policies at this time. 


We have intentionally decided not to set our final COVID-19 policies for the summer of 2021 yet and will instead wait to see how things develop in the early spring and what the recommended best practices/regulations are at that time. 


We are asking that ALL parents who choose to sign up for summer camps recognize the need for our COVID policies to be fluid and adjustable as new data and recommendations by health care officials emerges. If you are unwilling to commit to adjusting policies (which could include the tightening or loosening of our mask and social distancing policies) we highly recommend that you wait to enroll in camp until later in the spring when our policies are more cemented.

We will continue to implement our safety policies and may alter them as new information and guidance emerges. You can view Earth Native’s current COVID-19 Precautions HERE.

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