Owl Eyes and Deer Ears

One of the best teachers in the world is nature.  But in order to learn, we have to notice what it has to offer.  Who can show us the power of touch better than the raccoon?  How can we learn to hear and distinguish more sounds of our world like a deer?   And one of the toughest questions - can we quiet the monkey mind that is taking our focus away from this amazing present moment?

This class is about getting out of our mind and into our senses!  We will play games to practice our wide-angle vision and deer ears.  We will learn how to fox walk and practice sneaking up on each other!  By the end of the class, your child will be noticing things they never have before.  Maybe it is the details of a plant that help with identification.  Maybe it is a track in the sand they've walked over 10 times.  And maybe it is their own intuition letting them know something doesn't feel right.   

With increased awareness comes increased joy!  Come be outside and really be outside.  Let's play, hide, make friends, feel, smell, hear stories, move slowly, and laugh!  Most importantly, come connect with yourself and the world around you.  

While your children are enjoying this class come join us at the adult Introduction for Native Awareness Course! Click link for more info.

ENROLLMENT NOT CURRENTLY OPEN - Please contact us to be notified when dates are announced for this class.


Cost: $35 per day

Ages: 6-10 (ages flexible - contact us with questions)

Location: Our campus in Bastrop, TX at 137 Woodview Lane

Times: 9:00am-2:00pm 

All youth classes are drop-off classes

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