Family Classes

The below classes are in the Adult Program section of our website, but are also open to youth, as well. Great to take as a family!

Acorn Harvesting & Preparation (Age 5 and up)

Bird Language (Ages 14 and up)

Butchering & Animal Processing (Ages 8 and up)

Camouflage & Concealment (Ages 10 and up)

Coiled Yucca Baskets (Ages 12 and up)

Camping 101 (All ages)

Earth Paints & Pigments (Ages 8 and up)

Edible Plants (Ages 12 and up)

Friction Fire (All ages)

Introduction to Bird Observation (Ages 13 and up) 

Introduction to Useful Local Plants (All Ages) 

Map Reading & Land Navigation (Ages 10 and up)

Medicinal Plants (Ages 12 and up)

Natural Soap Making (All ages)

Naturalists Colorado River Float (Ages 9 and up)

Plant Medicine (Ages 11 and up)

Primitive Cooking (Ages 8 and up)

Wilderness Survival 101 (Ages 11 and up)

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