FAQ about Summer Camps

Q: When will I receive summer camp details?

A: Summer Camp details will be emailed to you exactly 4 weeks prior camp (unless you enroll less than 4 weeks before camp, in which case it will be emailed to you within 48 hours.) If you do not think you have received the camp details by this time PLEASE check your spam folder. The email will come from mikki@earthnativeschool.com. Still can’t find them?  - email us and we will resend.

Q: What type of shoes should my camper wear?

A: Our best answer is closed toe, comfortable shoes. Our #1 recommendation would be keen type shoes as the ability to get wet is great, as well. Hiking boots are hot in the summer so would not be recommended. Walking shoes/sneakers are good too. Whatever feels comfortable to your camper is your best bet.

Q: When do you need my child’s Medical & Release Form by and do I need to send a new one if my child attended camp last year?

A: Yes! We need a new Medical Form each year. All of our forms are now completed online and are valid for one year. If your child is attending multiple camps this summer, again, the form only needs to be completed once a year. Please just mark all camps they will be attending on the form. We need your child’s Medical Form completed within 48 hours of enrollment. PLEASE be courteous about filling these out on time. LINK HERE

Q: What is your cancelation policy for camp?

A: Here is a link to our cancelation policy.

Q: Can my child be in the same group with his or her sibling/friend?

A: Feel free to add any requests during registration, we will do our best to accommodate, but no request is guaranteed. Groups are created by age.

Q: Is there a fridge/cooler where lunches will be kept?

A: For day camps at McKinney Falls - no, your child will need to carry all of their belongings in their backpack all day. Please take weight into consideration when packing.

Q: Do the kids swim at camp?

A: No, swimming is not allowed at any camp, however the kids to do play and splash around in the water to keep cool. The rule is, they can go mid-thigh deep into the water. Do expect a wet child at the end of each camp day.

Q: Will my kid get wet/dirty at camp?

A: YES! It is a good idea to bring a change of clothes for after camp or a towel for them to sit on in your car.

Q: Can my child and his/her friend or sibling share a tent at overnight camp?

A: Campers can share tents as long as it has been requested and approved by their parents PRIOR to camp beginning. Once camp has begun Instructors will not allow children to share at their own request.

Q: I have concerns about the heat in the summer. How do you guys deal with that?

A: We take heat into consideration when planning, including playing any running or high energy games first thing in the morning when it is cooler, staying in the shade as much as possible and spending time along the creek playing and cooling off (especially in the afternoons). We also are diligent in ensuring that kids at camp drink plenty of water to make sure everyone stays healthy and safe.

Q: Do you ever cancel camp due to bad weather?

A: Although we run our camps in rain or shine, we will cancel or postpone camp in cases of severe/dangerous weather (i.e. tornado warnings, flash flood warnings, etc.) If camp is to be canceled/postponed we will email you and also post the information on the camp’s webpage.

Q: Do you separate morning extended care and afternoon extended care? Can I just sign up for one of these?

A: You can sign up for each day separately, but each day of extended care is $20 regardless of how much of it you use. Extended care allows you to drop off your child as early as an hour before camp and pick up as late as an hour after camp. See camps for timing.

Q: Are your camp instructors and volunteers background checked?

A: Yes, we are a state licensed summer camp and are required to have all staff and volunteers background checked.

Q: My child attended your summer camp in 2016 and I am in need of your TAX ID number.

A: Our TAX ID is 45-1989303 

 If you have any more questions or concerns please feel free to give our director Dave Scott a call at 512-299-8870

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