Map Reading and Natural Navigation

In a world that relies way too heavily on GPS and Google Maps (just our opinion), the ability to navigate in the outdoors is becoming rarer and rarer. Don’t let Duracell determine your fate! Join Earth Native for a weekend of land navigation that will give you the tools that you need to navigate any landscape successfully using map and compass and natural navigation methods.

Earth Native lead instructor Dave Scott will be teaching this course. Dave has over two decades of experience navigating rough terrain in the U.S. Army, and during his time working with Search and Rescue teams in the Rocky Mountains. 


The first day of class will be focused on map reading and the second day will be focused on natural navigation methods. At the end of the course students will get to test out their new skills spend navigating through a land navigation course set up in Bastrop State Park. 

At the end of this class students will be able to:

-To read and use topographic maps

-Properly use a compass

-Navigate landscapes with map and compass

-Read, plot, and navigate using UTM grid coordinates

-Using triangulation to find your unknown location on a map when you can see a known point in    the distance

-Measure straight and curved line distance on a map

-Measure distance while hiking utilizing an established pace count

-Navigate and remain oriented using natural methods like the sun, stars, wind, and other landscape features

ENROLLMENT NOT CURRENTLY OPEN - Please contact us to be notified when dates are announced for this class.

Class Cost: $145 per person (Map and compass provided)

Class Dates: May 20-21, 2017

Class Times: 9:00am-4:00pm

Class Location: 

Day 1 - 137 Woodview Ln, Bastrop, TX

Day 2 - Bastrop State Park

*This is an adult class and geared towards adults. It is open to ages 13 and up, if you feel your child would enjoy this class. (Youth 15 years old and younger must be accompanied by an adult participant) 

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