Escape and Evasion 

Do you have what it takes to escape a life threatening situation?

The daily news is full of stories about people who have been caught up in unexpected life threatening situations including natural disasters, kidnappings, and social unrest. There is no time to learn on the fly. You have to prepare yourself in advance if you expect to survive.

Join us for three days of action packed preparation. This class will delve deep into the skills of escape and evasion in both the city and the wilderness. Course topics will include:

  • Escaping restraints
  • Lock picking
  • Improvised weapons
  • Disguises
  • Preparing a “go” bag
  • Escape routes
  • Camouflage and Concealment
  • Moving with stealth in the forest
  • Evading unlawful capture
  • Evasive Driving (Lecture only)

ENROLLMENT NOT CURRENTLY OPEN - Please contact us to be notified when dates are announced for this class.

Class Cost: $295 per person

Class Dates: TBA 2017

Class Times: 9am-4pm on Friday, 8:30am-6:00pm on Saturday, 9am-5pm on Sunday

Class Location: Austin/Bastrop

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