Survival Skills Intensive - 8 Month

Join us for our Survival Skills Intensive, an 8 month ongoing wilderness survival class that meets one weekend each month to study wilderness survival skills. At Earth Native we believe that long term mentoring situations are the best way to learn these incredible skills. For this reason we are pleased to offer this opportunity for you to learn the ancient arts of survival and self-sufficiency.

Over the course of 8 months you will greatly increase your ability to be self sufficient in a survival situation through knowledge of indigenous and modern survival skills, technology, and philosophies, as well as increased comfort in wild places through knowledge of, and connection to place. 

You will leave this program with the confidence and skill necessary to survive in the wilderness, and the knowledge necessary to continue growing your survival skills on your own. 

Skills taught in this program program include, shelter building, friction fire by three different methods -- bow-drill, fire-saw, and hand-drill, primitive fishing with spear and line, local edible and medicinal plant studies, basic wildlife tracking and behavior, animal trap designs and trapping techniques, survival bow and arrow construction, making cordage from indigenous plant species, finding, collecting and purifying water, creation of natural containers (i.e. baskets and bowls), basic animal processing, primitive cooking methods, basic stone tool construction and use, and more!

Additionally, students will greatly increase their connection to, and knowledge of, the natural world around them, the incredible abundance of recourses that can be utilized in survival situations; as well as their knowledge of central Texas flora and fauna and how they can utilize local resources in survival and their day-to-day lives. Students will have been introduced to theories of indigenous survival, indigenous living skills, and modern wilderness survival techniques, and will have had opportunities to put these skills into practice on a three day shelter overnight trip in February and an instructor led survival trip in May that concludes the program. 

The Survival Intensive course provided me not only a comfort in survival basics, but also the inspiration to ask bigger questions of myself.  What is it that one truly needs to survive?  What resources are all around us that we don't even recognize as resources?  What truths of the human interaction with nature can be derived from simply exposing oneself to primitive scenarios?  This class forced me to explore these questions and I am forever grateful. 

-Justin B. (2012-13 Survival Skills Intensive student)

$400 non-refundable deposit due at the time of enrollment

Location: Our beautiful wooded campus west of Bastrop, TX

137 Woodview Lane + some trips

Program cost: $1995 or pay monthly for $199 a month*

*Payment plan based on 9 monthly payments (from Sept-May) and a non-refundable $400 deposit. 

Partial Scholarships may be available to qualifying students. Please use this link for a scholarship form

2017/18 Program Dates

October 7-8

November 11-12  (Overnight)

December 9-10

January 13-14 

February 10-12 (Shelter Overnight Trip)

March 10-11

April 14-15

May 12-16 (Survival Trip - East Texas)

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