Intro to Wildlife Tracking - September 13-14 

The incredible art of Wildlife Tracking can give us an extraordinary window into the secret lives of Central Texas Wildlife. Whether you are a naturalist, hiker, or just someone who appreciates wildlife this class is for you. We will spend ample time in the field discovering and identifying tracks and sign left by mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians & even insects. 

This is one of our basic wildlife tracking courses but the course is open to all skill levels and every student is guaranteed to learn a great deal about the art and science behind wildlife tracking.  ENROLL NOW!

Upcoming Classes 

With Texas' Premier Wilderness Survival School

Advanced Wilderness Survival - September 13-14

Intro to Wildlife Tracking - September 13-14

Wildlife Tracking Intensive begins - September 20

Survival Skills Intensive begins - September 27

Bow Building - October 8-12

Edible Plants - October 18

Medicinal Plants - October 19

Butchering and Animal Processing - October 24

Map Reading and Land Navigation - October 25

Wilderness Survival (101) Weekend - November 1-2

Acorn Harvesting & Processing - November 15

Camping 101 - November 22-23 (family class)

Knife Making - December 12-14

Primitive Cooking - January 10

Survival Bows - January 11

Wilderness Survival (101) Weekend - January 24-25

Art of Mentoring - March 15-21

Advanced Wilderness Survival - April 11-12

Wildlife Track & Sign Certification with CyberTracker Int’l - May 30-31

...other adult survival classes and the full 2014 schedule

Dave Scott teaching Wolf Tracking in Wisconsin winter of 2011

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