Introduction to Native Awareness - Oct 16-18

Lets face it, we live in a focused world. So focused in fact, that most of us have fallen into a rut of unawarenss, going about our lives day by day repeating the same story as if by muscle memory, stress is high and perspective is low. It is only when we are able to step back for a moment that we realize all that we are missing, the random bird call, the beauty of the river we drive past all the time, the full moon in the sky on a spring morning, the true meaningfulness of our personal relationships with others. At Earth Native, we believe that life isn’t just about going through the motions, that there is more out there to see and experience. Let us help you raise your mind out of your ruts and experience the world anew, as you used to.

In this class we will be expanding your awareness, strengthening our senses, and helping you to see the world with different eyes. You will leave this class, relaxed, inspired, energized and ready to explore life in a more meaningful way. take home with them. ENROLL HERE!

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Introduction to Native Awareness - October 16-18

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