Introduction to Bird Observation - March 14-15

Birds are awesome! Don't you agree?

Many of us see really neat birds every time we're outside. But since they are such a diverse group of creatures, it can be difficult to learn how to identify them. Where do you start? How do you tell a hawk from a vulture? Or a finch from a sparrow? We want to help!

Learning about birds and their behavior can be awesome in terms of knowledge, growth, and self satisfaction. And observing them is simply a remarkable way to spend time outdoors. Luckily, birds are one of the easiest types of animal to spot in the woods. And an understanding of birds is an amazing window into nature and ecology. 

This 2 half-day class will not only get you started learning how to find and identify our local birds, but it will jump start a whole new way of observing nature. Learn how to combine seeing and hearing to increase your awareness of birds and other wildlife around you. Get comfortable with field guides, binoculars, and other tools that will help you on your learning journey. And learn how to link into a huge world-wide community! ENROLL NOW

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Introduction to Bird Observation - March 14-15

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